Welcome to Nursery

Summer Term 2

Our Topic is


Here is a tour of our Nursery classroom



Summer Term 1

Our Topic is

“Fairy Tales”


Here are some of the stories we have read this term 

We looked at different versions of fairytales. We spoke about the differences and similarities. 

Have a look at what we have been learning in Maths 

We counted out 5 blocks from a large group and challenged ourselves by seeing how many different ways we can arrange the blocks. 


We went fishing for numbers.

We explored with shapes. Learning the names, counting the sides and making shape models.

In literacy we have been learning our letter sounds. How to use them when writing and reading. We love playing phonics games on the smart board.


We are great at working together to build models in the construction area.


We love searching for mini beasts under longs. We are even brave enough to hold them and we are very gentle.


Spring Term 2

Our Topic is

“Life Cycles and Growing”

These are some of the books we will be reading this term 

The children grew their own beanstalk over the holidays. We read Jack and the Beanstalk.

Have a look at some of the activities we have done this term.

Spring Term 1

Our Topic is


Here are some of the books we have been focusing on this term. 

Some of us had to stay home this term but that didn’t stop us doing some amazing work at home! Check out our home learning. 

Here are some activities we did in class this term.

we watched the changes of the life cycle of a frog. 

We made dinosaur fossils 

Autumn Newsletter     
Early Years Celebration Day – Communication Nursery Celebration Day Powerpoint – Copy  


Autumn Term 2

Our Topic is

“A Taste of the World”

Here are the books we have focused on this term

Handa's Surprise [French Version]: Browne, Eileen:  9781852695095: BooksLima's Red Hot Chilli in Urdu and English Multicultural Settings: Mills, David, Brazell, Derek: Books






We then celebrated Christmas,

Here are some of the books we read

Stick Man - WikipediaDear Santa: Campbell, Rod: 9781447223818: BooksA Message For Santa: Oram, Hiawyn, Ross, Tony: 9781842706961:  BooksThe Jolly Christmas Postman (The Jolly Postman): Ahlberg,  Allan, Ahlberg, Janet: 9780141340111: Books






We did some experiments this term,

We made fake snow using baking powder and hair conditioner








We filled up balloons with water and put it in the freezer which made large balls of ice 









We made water beads and used them as marbles with our marble run.









We celebrated winter jumper day

We read ‘The Little Red Hen’. We made a shopping list which we used to get items for out jam sandwich.


















































We enjoyed meeting a real life tortoise in our class. We got to stroke her and watch her move around. We learned to be very gentle. 









































We have been developing our physical skills. We have been climbing, jumping, crawling, hopping, running, balancing and sliding using lots of different equipment.









































We have been learning to make repeated patterns. We have learned that repeated patterns can be made with anything.

We made repeated patterns with colours, shapes, people and animals.


Autumn Term 1

Our Topic is

‘All about me”

We focus on one book a week. Here are some books we have read in Nursery this term. We know these stories really well and can retell the stories by looking at the pictures. 


We have been learning about the differences and similarities we have with our friends in Nursery


We really enjoyed learning about London and can identify some London landmarks. We spoke about living in London and then took turns to tell the class who we live with.                                                                                  


We read the book ‘Simon Sock’ and then used our sorting skills to find all the matching pairs of socks.

We developed our cutting skills by rescuing the dinosaurs. It was so much fun and we kept trying until the dinosaurs were saved.


This week in Math’s we developed our counting skills by singing ‘5 Little Ducks’. It was so much fun. We were able to match the number to the amount of ducks and take away 1 duck each time. We really enjoyed changing the amount of ducks. We could count up to 10 and match the numeral with the quantity.


We love our home role play area. We use natural loose parts in the kitchen. This develops our creative skills and we have become really inventive with our ideas. 

Before we can start writing we need to strengthen the muscles in our hands. Here are some fine and gross motor activities we have done to develop our hand muscles.


We love making marks with different tools. We might not be ready to write but we love drawing and mark making. We are working on developing our communication skills so we can speak about our drawing in detail. We will be ready to write once we have hold a pen correctly with a firm grip.



Everyday we self register by finding our name stone and placing

it in the basket.

We develop our understanding our nature by exploring in our digging area. We really enjoy looking for mini beasts and love cooking in our mud kitchen.


We develop our physical skills by taking part in a variety of climbing and building activities. Have a look at some of our large and small models. 


We made self-portraits

What do you think?

We had so much fun painting with cars

We practiced our counting by counting jumps