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Hello everyone,

It has been a week already and I know you will have been showing your parents how awesome you really are! The reception team are missing you all dearly and would love to hear from you. If you would like to send us updates and pictures of the things you have been doing at home or have a question, please email the office, they will forward these messages on to me and I will reply as quickly as I can.

Office email:

Thank you for your continued support and please stay safe.

The Reception team ?

Home learning

You should by now have all collected your home learning packs from the office and I hope these have been keeping you busy at home.

Please do continue to check back in on this page regularly as I will continue to update it and add new things for you to explore.


Home Learning Activities

Just in case you have misplaced your learning pack at home we have added some of the things that were inside.

Planning Spring 2- Week 4-6 EYFS curriculum ideas

EYFS curriculum ideas

Home Learning Activities UPDATE 

The first learning pack covered you for the first three weeks of the school being closed as we are unsure whether or not this will remain the case following the Easter Holiday I have added some more ideas to keep you going and an outline of what we would have covered had your children been attending school.

Planning outline for Summer 1 – Week 1-3

Updated ideas for the EYFS curriculum

TTS – home learning pack

Dinosaurs Display Lettering (Cute) - cute dinosaurs, lettering ...

Phonics Display Title (teacher made)

I really hope this is helpful and please if you do have any requests or queries please email the office and I will get back to you.

Please note: If you scroll to the bottom of this page it outlines the EYFS curriculum for you so that you can see how these learning packs fit together to meet your child’s developmental needs.

Online Learning Apps

A few parents have been asking for access to some online learning apps. The apps that the rest of the school usually access for homework on a regular basis are not suitable for our Early Years Children however we have found a few learning apps that you can access at home free of charge. Please click the links below to enter the apps and have fun learning! ?


Maths games

Counting games and numeral recognition

Number bonds and Partitioning numbers


Links to help with your child’s phonics

Alpha blocks video on rhyming

Tricky word songs

Jolly phonics songs


Phonic games you can play at home

Phonics play

Letters and Sounds


Reading Apps

Teach your monster how to read app

Reading Eggs

(Children in reception do not have a school login until they enter Year one however Reading Eggs have offered a free 30day trial to parents during this time)



Go Explore Kids Cbeebies App – Learning games across all areas

ScratchJr – Computer programming tool


Community Idea

A gigantic Bear hunt is coming to Kennington…

Ever heard the story – We are going on a bear hunt by Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury?

We're Going on a Bear Hunt: 1 CBH Children / Picture Books: Amazon ...

We thought you could all do just that!

 To take part you must put your favourite teddy bear/s in a window that looks out onto the street. Then when you go out with your family for a walk look out for all the bears in and around your community.

How many could you find? Did you see your friends house with their bear? Was there more bears this week than there was last week? You could always get your family involved too and get your grandparents and aunties to join in and place their favourite teddy in the window for you to count on your adventure. Lets see if we can get as many houses in Kennington with bears in their window.

Coronavirus: 'Teddy Bear Hunts' turn bored kids to scavenger hunters

Oh and don’t forget you need to listen to the story I am going on a bear hunt before you start so you know what you are letting yourself in for!

Story being read by Michael Rosen

Channel 4’s animation of the story – We are going on a bear hunt


EYFS Curriculum

Below is a link to the EYFS curriculum – Development Matters. A child at the end of their reception year in school would be expected to meet all of the Early Learning Goals outlined in this document. This is just a guide so that you know what the end of year expectations for your child would have been.


Below is a link which also gives you the exceeding predictors for reception aged children.