Reception – Newsletter – Autumn 1

Welcome to Reception

We have had an exciting start to the new school year in Reception. We have been learning our school rules which help keep us all happy and safe. These can be seen in our classroom and the children are learning the rhyme and actions to help them remember.


Enjoying, Exploring and Engaging

The children have enjoyed exploring their new learning environment, getting to know each other and forming new friendships.


Topic: Ourselves and Others

We have started our topic ‘Ourselves and Others’ and have been discussing our families and our favourite things. We have spoken about the different jobs and roles people have in community and what their jobs might involve. We have spoken about how important it is for us all to work together and that is okay to have different opinions, preferences and choices and that this is what makes life so much more interesting. 

Our Learning

Wow look at us practising our own names, learning our numerals and quantities and what this means. We have also explored 2D shapes, we found them on the faces of 3D shapes around our outside area and we also had ago at naming and describing them. 



Our Early Year Celebration: Ourselves and Others

A huge thank you goes to our parents who joined us for our Early Years Celebration – Ourselves and Others.

At this celebration we enjoyed doing lots of different crafts and activities, playing music and tasting foods from our different cultures.  We celebrated each of us and how we are similar and different from each other. We got to find out more about our parents and grandparents culture as well as finding out more about the places we are from and how this might be different to where we live now. 


Art Exhibition- Coming in October to Keyworth Primary

In class we have also been looking at African sunsets and talking about how the African culture might be similar and different to ours as we know some of our families originate from Africa.

See the source image

Watch out for our Art Exhibition on Tuesday and Wednesday 15th and 16th October where you will be able to see our final art pieces on African Sunsets.

Below is a sneaky peek…

We are super proud of our creations!

Look what happened to our classroom! I wonder who made all this mess…



Police Investigation

We had to help the police investigate what had happened to our classroom and we were very upset to find out our bikes had been stolen! We looked at the CCTV, made wanted posters and interviewed the culprit- who turned out to be our very own head teacher – Ray!


When I am older I want to be…

To round off the term we spoke about what job or role we might want to have when we grow up. Check out the children’s amazing writing we are super proud of the progress they have made so far this term!




Topic:Under the Sea 

We are talking about different animals that live in the ocean, their physical features, what they eat, their habitats and how they protect themselves from predators.  We are going to be looking at healthy and unhealthy environments and what we can do to look after them, in order to protect the animals from becoming endangered. We will  also begin to have conversations and discussion about the problem of plastic in our world today especially for our sea creatures and our oceans. We will explore the book Somebody Swallowed Stanley by Sarah Roberts which highlights in a very lighthearted way the real life impact of plastic in the ocean. This book has been cleverly written using Stanley who looks like a jelly fish but is in fact a plastic bag and highlights to the children the problem plastic is causing for our beloved sea creatures. 

Image result for somebody swallowed stanley



Barry the fish with fingers

Barry the Fish with Fingers By Sue Hendra

The children had been reading the story Barry the fish with fingers by Sue Hendra. We spent the week exploring the book, talking about feelings and being a good friend. We focused most of our literacy lessons on verbs and what this means. We can now tell you that a verb is an action word! On Friday we helped Barry put the verbs from his recipe back in the right place as he had accidentally mixed them up. He then asked us if we could make the biscuits for his party as he was too busy getting ready. We were able to read the instructions and follow the recipe measuring and combining all the ingredients. We made a few extra so that we had some to share as well.

 Barry was super impressed with our baking skills!




Early Years Maths Celebration Day!

Again a huge thank you goes to our parents who joined us for our Early Years Maths Celebration.

We loved inviting our parents in for the morning to explore lots of different maths activities with us and to show them all the things we will be learning about in Reception. We had lots of fun sharing different ideas, activities and having ago at some problem solving games with both our friends and our parents. Here are a few photos from the morning. 

Trip to London Sea Life Centre

We have booked a trip to the London Sea Life Centre on the 10th December. We are super excited to see some real life sea creatures and learn a few more facts about some of the creatures that live in the sea. We also can’t wait to share some of our facts about Sharks, Octopuses and Whales with the people at the Sea Life Centre as we have learnt so much already this term. For example…

Did you know that a Sharks body does not have any bones?

Instead Sharks bodies are made up of cartilage which we find on our own bodies in our ears and noses. 

Image result for london sea life centre name



Nativity rehearsals have started!

Book this date in your diary: 16th December 2019 at 9:45 

This year the children will be performing Whoops-a-Daisy Angel. It’s one not to be missed!

Image result for angel clipart

End of  Autumn term

Over the last few weeks we have been so busy!!

We went on our first school trip to the London Sea Life Centre where we learnt so much more about all the sea creatures that live in oceans.  A big thank you goes to all the parents who volunteered on our trip as we wouldn’t be able to go without you. You made sure we were happy and safe all day and we had lots of fun. 

We showcased our wonderful Nativity, Whoops- A – Daisy Angel, to our parents  and they were all so proud of how amazing we were at singing and saying our lines. 

Now it is time for us to wish all our lovely families and friends of Keyworth a lovely restful break and we will see you all after the holiday for another busy term!


Spring Term

Happy New Year and welcome back! I hope everyone is coming back well rested and has had a great start so far to the new year. Take a look at how well we have settled after our break and some of the activities we have been doing. 

Topic: Space

This term our topic will be ‘Space.’  We have begun to look at the solar system and talk about what we see and might find in space.  Over the coming weeks we will be doing a study on different planets and discussing the sun and the moon phases.  We will be looking at the differences between our ‘day sky’ and our ‘night sky,’ and discussing the differences between the seasons. 

Image result for space solar system

It would be great if you could start asking your child questions about space and the planets and see how their knowledge grows throughout the term.  Don’t forget to write these ‘quotes’ on a WOW sheet and bring them in!


Maths: Partitioning

We have been learning all about a whole and parts and what this means so that we could do something super tricky… Partitioning. In the words of one of our children “Partitioning means splitting something like a banana or strawberries into parts.” Take a look at the work on partitioning we have been doing in class.

Aliens landed in our playground!

So this is what we saw one morning when we came into school…


We thought it might have been aliens and had to write a scientific report about the incident. Then our teacher told us that aliens were not real and she just thought she would make a mess for fun! Shocking! We learnt that aliens have not yet been found on any planet but that astronauts are still looking as they think there might be a chance there could be some out there. 

Rocket Competition

Our class teacher decided that as we have been learning all about space that we should have a junk modelling competition. We had so much fun! We had to decide what materials to use and think about what characteristics it needs when it travels into space. We were super proud of our creations and some of us continued to enter our rockets every week for three weeks making improvements and even having ago at continuing it on at home. We showed that we were such great persistent, resilient and determined learners. Here are some photos of us in action… 

Taking risks

Our confidence is growing and we are now showing that we can take calculated risks in play. Look at us learning and negotiating through our outdoor space! 

Reading workshop

Wow we were super happy to see all our parents come and join us for three weeks running in our reading workshops. We hope you had as much fun as we did. Below you can see some pictures of some of the games we did on the last workshop. 

Experts in Space

Just to update you on our progress in our topic space. I just wanted to let you all know that we are now experts in space. Below are a few pictures of us exploring our space station and some pictures of our work for you to enjoy.

Don’t believe me that our children are experts? 

Here are a few quotes from our children on space… 


 Topic : Dinosaurs 

We have begun looking at Dinosaurs and how the dinosaurs might have died and became extinct.  Over the coming weeks we will be looking at what scientists have discovered about dinosaurs. We will be learning new words such as herbivores, carnivores and omnivores and finding out what these words mean. We will also become explorers finding out what facts scientist have unearthed from looking at their skeletons and learning how to do some of our own research.


A great way that you could add to our learning at home could be a trip to the History Museum or the Horniman Museum both of these are free for you to explore and are open at weekends. This would be the perfect opportunity for your child to explore a real life dinosaur skeleton and share some of the facts they have learnt about dinosaurs with you.

Oh no disaster again…

I wonder why trouble always happens in reception. Look what we found this morning… 


We did think it was our naughty adults again playing tricks on us again but the footprints were too big to belong to them so it must have been someone or something else. We had to investigate again and we thought it might have been… vampires, a wolf, a ghost, a monster and well some of us still think it was our teachers. What do you think?

If I had a pet dinosaur…

We have been talking about pets and even used the laptops for the first time to do our writing.

We then listened to story about a person who really wanted a pet dinosaur it was called If I had a dinosaur by Gabby Dawnay and Alex Barrow. We loved this book and enjoyed using our imagination to pretend that we were going to have a pet dinosaur. We came up with lots of different ideas about what we would do if we had a pet dinosaur. We said we might use our pet dinosaur as a slide sliding down his tail or ride on him to school or play fetch in the park with tree trunks. Look below and see what ideas we came up with in our writing!