RAM Class – Sept18

Amanda – Teacher

Correine – TA

Autumn term

This term was a very busy one.  We settled into our new classes and routines very well, and had fun exploring our environment. In Autumn 1 we learnt about people in our community that help us.  We explored different occupations and talked about what we wanted to be when we grow up.


Fire Visit

How lucky were we to have the London Fire Brigade come and visit us and talk about what they do everyday!?  We managed to have a sneaky look inside their truck, before they were called to a real life emergency!

World Food Day

We were lucky enough to have our Parents and Special people to us come in and talk about their cultures with us.  We came dressed in our cultural clothing and tasted food from around the world.

Under the Sea

Our next topic was Under the Sea.  We talked about different animals that live in the ocean, their physical features, what they eat, their habitats and how they protect themselves from predators.  We looked at healthy and unhealthy environments and what we can do to look after them, in order to protect the animals from becoming endangered. 

We visited London Sealife, which was a great way to finish up our topic and see these animals in real life.


To finish off the Autumn Term we worked really hard on our Nativity Performance.  We practised lots and learnt out lines and lots of new songs.  Our Mums and Dads, family and friends said what an amazing job we did!


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