Nursery Class – Sept18

Chloe – Teacher

Tina – Teacher

The children have had an amazing first term in Nursery. The children has finished the topic ‘All About Me’ and has settled will into Nursery. They have made some great friendships and are excited to learn new things together. We have now started our new topic ‘A Taste of the World’ 

Spring Term Learning

The Children are well on their way to becoming independent learners. They come up with their own learning and play ideas and are gaining great confidence in Nursery. They have made some solid friendships and can work in a term. The children have finished the topic ‘A Taste of the World’ and have learned all about different religions, cultures and celebrations.



We really enjoyed reading the book ‘The Little Red Hen’. We followed a recipe on how to make a sandwich. We read the story ‘Lima’s Red Hot Chilli’. We acted out the story with props and tasted samosas. We read the story ‘Oliver’s Vegetable’ and ‘The Enormous Turnip’. We spoke about the title, setting and characters in the stories. We then we grew our own vegetables. We are become good readers in Nursery. We are starting to identify sounds and recognize familiar words.



We really enjoyed reading the book ‘My Mum is Fantastic’. We made up our own version called ‘My Mum is Amazing’. We listened to a story without pictures called ‘It’s my Birthday’. We worked together to make a story map and we made up actions so we could retell the story by ourselves. Last term we also started ‘Book Chat’ where we used picture books to tell a story. We love taking these books home and we have become really good story tellers.  


We have been working really hard with our numbers. We can talk about what is more and less and count how many objects we have. We enjoy looking at number books and naming the numbers we see. We have been learning lots about 2D shapes. We can name lots of 2D shapes, talk about shapes in real life objects, describe shapes and talk about how many sides they have. We read the books ‘Were going on a bear hunt’ and ‘Were going on a lion hunt’ to help us learn all about positional language.


We have so much fun in the mark making area. We use lots of different mark making tools. We use shaving foam, sand, paint, chalk, water, pencils and pens to make marks. We talk about the marks we have made and know we need our name on our work.


We have been working on our fine and gross motor skills. We have been very busy using litter pickers, threading, peg boards, building lego and using tweezers to pick up small objects. We have also had lots of practice using scissor independently and safely.


We love building and making lots of different things with exciting equipment. We have been working with our friends to make models and talk about what we have made, how we have made it and what it can do. We love building houses out of bricks and making up different roleplay games. We enjoy using duplo to make castles for prince and princesses. Our favourite construction is mobolo. We use the picture cards to follow the instructions to make a model or we use our imagination to creature our own exciting models.


We have so much fun exploring and investigating found items in the environment. We found out that when the weather gets really cold the water turns to ice. We use the mud kitchen and digging area to find new and exciting minibeasts! Sometimes the water tray helps us to learn about different animals and creatures.

We love pretending to be builders, firefighters, police officers, doctors and nurses. This helps us to understand different roles and responsibilities that different jobs do.

We are great at using different technological toys and can explain how to use a laptop, camera, phone, microphone, torch and till. We use these in our roleplay games. We also enjoy observing the weather and discussing how it changes. We collected rain and spoke about the clothing we need to wear when we are outside in the rain.


We are making strong friendships in Nursery. We share and take turns and always try to be kind. We love playing in the home corner. We learn from home how things are used demonstrate it at school. We pretend to wash clothes in the washing machine, hang them up to try and iron them. We cooks lots of different foods and talk about what kind of food our parents make at home. We pretend to look after our babies. We feed them, dress them and put them to bed.


We are always creative in our class. We use our independent creative area to make some amazing things using our imagination. We love painting with a wide range of colours. We are great at making props to use in the roleplay area. Our favourite is making cakes out of playdough.


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