Keyworth students have been entering competitions, taking part in multi-skill days, ice-skating and orienteering this term which has culminated in Keyworth coming first in our catchment area for sports participation with our PE network!

This is a great achievement and is supporting our children to become more active and enjoy sport.

Our teachers have also attended various training insets and taken part in on-going team teaching with external coaches to ensure the standard of our PE lessons are continually developing.

Well done to all children and staff! Let’s keep it up!


Position               School                Points

1              Keyworth                            18

2              Archbishop Sumner        17

3              English Martyrs 12

4              Michael Faraday               9

5              Robert Browning              7

6              St Johns Walworth          7

7              St Pauls                                6

7=           St Peters                             4

7=           Surrey Square                   4

10           Crampton                            1

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