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Welcome to our homework page. This page is designed to allow pupils to download all homework assignments offered throughout the year separated into year groups.

To download a homework item, please choose from the links below:

Year Six

Year Five

Year 5 homework ideas for the topic ‘Invaders and Settlers’

  • Write a diary entry from the perspective of an Anglo-Saxon warrior.
  • Write a retelling of a familiar story (e.g. a fairytale, myth or legend)
  • Write a fact-file based on what you know about the different tribes. These could be in the form of tribe ‘Top Trump’ cards.
  •  Write a book review for Michael Morpurgo’s ‘Beowulf’.

Year Four

Year Three

There are 4 parts to homework in Year 3.

  1. Daily Reading – Read for approximately 10 minutes each night. Remember to get your reading record signed each day so that you can work towards the prizes!
  2. Daily Arithmetic Homework – Revise your weekly number facts to earn your reward based on your rocket card! Remember you will be tested every Thursday – your maths teacher will tell you which ones to learn that week.
  3. Spelling – Revise your spellings throughout the week.  You should write each of the words you need to learn in a sentence too. Remember the test is every Friday.
  4. Topic Homework – You will have some English based tasks and some practical activities to complete which are linked to the topic you are learning in school.

Please click on the link below for details of the Ancient Egypt topic homework.  All project work for the Ancient Egypt topic is due on Tuesday 22nd October.

Year Two

Year One