Class – 2JL

Welcome to our classroom

Year 2 have made a brilliant start to the year. They started with a week on street art and designed pictures in the style of Bruce Nauman and ‘The badger’.

They have also enjoyed Roald Dahl day where they made snozcumbers! The children designed and made their very own disgusting sandwiches using very usual ingredients inspired by the BFG! They used adjectives, time conjunctions and adverbs to write up a set of instructions just in case you would like to try making one yourself.

The children are now onto their first week of their topic ‘The great fire of London’. They have been learning about what happened and sequencing the events. The children are building up to writing a diary entry about what happened so any extra help you can give them at home would be greatly appreciated!

They have made a great start to their rocket tests and new spelling bees- please continue to practice.


Jess and Lauren


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