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In our English lessons, we have been learning about ancient Greece. we have learned about the different Gods and Goddesses, and we have presented this information using non-chronological reports. We have also had the opportunity to read Theseus and the Minotaur, Pandora’s box, and many other Greek myths. After exploring in more detail these amazing stories, we will have the chance to write our very own myth.


We are very excited to be back at school, and in year 6 we love Maths! Our main focus of this half term will be place value as well as the four main operations (division, multiplication, addition, and subtraction.)  On Google Classroom, you can find some homework sheets which reflect the learning we are completing in class. We will be completing homework on a daily basis for maths to try and reinforce certain concepts.


Year 6’s topic is ‘Ancient Greece’. We have been learning about Greece’s physical features, where is located, and how this affects its culture and also, its history. We have had the chance to design our own Greek vase, and we have learned that they represent parts of Greece’s history.


October is Black History Month. It is an annual event honouring the contributions and accomplishments of the Black British community. It celebrates both current and historical individuals and the positive impact they have made to our society. In year 6, we are learning all about Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock – a very inspiring British Space Scientist and Science Educator.


Art and Design

The whole school contributed to an art project linked to the theme of ‘Identity’. Take a look at some examples below:



Our topic for Science this half term is ‘Light ’. We have had the opportunity to experiment with troches to see how light travels.


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