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Autumn Term 

For the first half term of the year, we have been learning all about the Romans and the impact they have had in Britain and across the globe. We’ve designed mosaics and Roman shields in Art (see below), mapped out the Roman Empire in Geography, made PowerPoint presentations about Roman houses in Computing and we can’t forget the superb dramatisations the children made of Boudica’s famous rebellion.

In English, we have been doing story writing, looking at Romulus and Remus as well as the fantastic Juluis Zebra by Gary Northfield.

In Music, the brilliant Pablo has been cultivating what looks to be an enthralling upcoming Samba drumming performance. (Parents very welcome!)

5JA have conducted some fascinating Science experiments so far this term. Their investigation into the thermal conductivity of different materials produced invaluable results in their research.

We’ve also been learning about the development of Women’s Rights in PSHE. We’ve learnt all about how far we have come in the quest for equality but also that there is a long way to go.

We are looking forward to another successful half term after the short break. Have a lovely holiday everyone!

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