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Welcome to 3KW’s class webpage. You can check back here for updates of what we are learning about this term and photos of our trips and artwork.



This term, our topic has been the Ancient Egyptians. We have learnt all about mummification, ancient Egyptian life and their gods. Click on each for some useful learning links.

Here is some of the artwork we have created this term – including turning ourselves into pharaohs and a guided drawing of Anubis (the ancient Egyptian god of the underworld).



On Thursday 10th October, we visited the Science Museum to learn even more about magnets and forces. Year 3 loved trying out and testing the fifty different experiments in the WonderLab such as the giant friction slides and playing with magnetic liquid. We had a ‘blast’ watching the Flash Bang Wallop Show and even had a few brave Keyworth scientists volunteer in the Feel the Force Show! 


This term we have looked at the topic of Stone Age. We looked at the three key periods; Paleolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic. We studied their lifestyles, clothes and foods!

Throughout English we looked at the books The First Drawing and Escape from Pompeii. The children wrote fantastic newspaper articles about the catastrophe at Pompeii.

During art, we created woolly mammoths made from clay and made our own Stone Age cave paintings. We used a range of materials such as charcoal, paint, crayons and pencils to create different effects!


We also studied the ancient Stone Age site of Stonehenge, creating collages of the prehistoric stones.


Our Spring 2 topic has been Spain! We have been learning all about Spanish culture, artists, foods and music. We have had a wonderful time learning about Flamenco dancing and even had a real dancer come to teach us how to perform this traditional Spanish dance!


In art we have looked at famous Spanish/Catalonian artists and architects and recreated our own versions of their iconic masterpieces.

Pablo Picasso Inspired Portraits

Antoni Gaudi’s Trencadis Animal




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