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Art: We are learning all about about choosing, using and mixing our own colours to create art work that shows a
progression in skills. The children will have the opportunity to explore the life and work of six key abstract artists, and work with different materials to create pieces in a range of abstract styles.

Topic: This half term, our topic will be Pirates. We will be looking at the history of piracy using artefacts and researching information about life on a ship. There is a focus on map work. Children will look at a variety of maps, locating places and using a key. They will create their own school map and use maps showing the local area, U.K and the world.

PE: These sessions will be on Mondays and Tuesdays. Children may come to school in PE clothes on those days. Make sure jumpers and jackets are clearly labelled.

Science: Our science topic this term is materials. We have been learning about the properties of different materials and what different materials are used for. We have used Venn diagrams to sort materials, and have been planning an experiment to test how waterproof different materials are.

Spellings: Every Monday, children will be tested on a set of words containing phonics sounds learnt that week. Please practice these at home to build confidence. Please look for additional words containing the same sounds- how many can you find?

Spelling & Grammar: https://learn.nessy.com/account/login#/accountLogin   

secret word: VELVETALARM

Reading books: Please continue to read with your child for 15 minutes daily. Read each book twice to develop fluency and expression. Please discuss the events in the story, the character’s and their feelings. Books should be returned on Monday.

You can also login to Oxford Owl to read levelled books online:

www.oxfordowl.co.uk (Username: pirate2      Password: year2) or (username:tree2    Password: year 2)


Maths: Please look at the key skills needed this term. Go through each skill to improve understanding and recall time. The more each skill is practised the quicker the recall time- can you get it to 3 seconds..?

Check back for updates and letters.


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