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Spring term

Spring 2


2MV had a brilliant day celebrating World Book Day! Check out our incredible costumes!


In our English lessons the children have been studying the famous poem ‘The Owl and the Pussy-cat’ by Edward Lear. We have already learned the poem with actions and we will be continuing to write fantastic pieces of writing based on the text. We will also be working towards writing our own rhyming, nonsensical poem! We can’t wait to share them with you!

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This term the children’s topic is ‘Night Time and the United Kingdom’. In this topic we will be learning all about nocturnal animals. We will also be exploring the United Kingdom and its countries, weather patterns, characteristics and cities. We will be comparing the UK with a polar region called Barrow in Alaska. This town experiences days of total darkness as the sun never comes up! This is called ‘polar nights’.

Art work

We have been studying the famous painter Vincent Van Gogh and his famous painting ‘Starry Night’. The children experimented using pastels to create the swirling techniques. We are very impressed with the outcome!


Spring 1


Our topic in Spring 1 is ‘Pirates’. The children have been learning all about what pirates do, what they wear, what they carry with them on their ships and finally, all about the infamous pirate BLACKBEARD! We experienced a full day of pirate activities for our pirate day where we came up with our own pirate names, made pirate hats and treasure maps. We have received a visit from a real life pirate who brought us some delicious fruit from the Caribbean. Did you know pirates sailed to the Caribbean because there was usually lots of treasure to find there?


For the first part of the spring term the children studied the book ‘The Journey Home’ by Frann Preston-Gannon. We learned all about endangered animals.

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Thank you to all the parents that came to watch our spectacular assembly based on The Journey Home! The children loved having you come along 🙂




Year 2 have had a brilliant start to the school year! We’ve been learning all about The Great Fire of London and have found out so many facts that we’d like to share with you.


The Great Fire of London happened between 2-5 September in 1666.

The fire began in a bakery in Pudding Lane.

Before the fire began, there had been a drought in London that lasted for 10 months, so the city was very dry.

In 1666, lots of people had houses made from wood and straw which burned easily. Houses were also built very close together.

We know what happened during the fire because people back then wrote about it in letters and newspapers – for instance, Samuel Pepys wrote about it in his diary.

Keyworth Art Project

For the art exhibition we created a silhouette painting of the Great Fire. First we painted our fiery backgrounds using paints and sponges. Then we cut out the buildings, bridges and cathedrals out of black paper. We think they look spectacular!

London past and present

We have also been comparing Tudor houses and 21st Century houses! Back then the houses were made of wood so they were very flammable. This meant that the fire spread quickly. Nowadays houses are made out of brick to stop fires from spreading. London has changed a lot since the fire.

Drama Visit

This half term we enjoyed a drama workshop. We had to make potions, be statues and pretended to be different characters!



Keep up with the fantastic homework! The children have been working so hard at home and we love to see that their learning is continued at home.



Check back for updates and letters.


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