2EM Class – Sept18

Emma – Teacher

Yasmin – TA

Learning and Classroom page 

The children have had an excellent first term in Year 2. How busy we have been! We have been learning all about the Great Fire of London and how it started in 1666.

Did you know that the fire started in Thomas Farynor’s
bakery on Pudding Lane and burned for 5 days?

The children had a visit from The Drama Hut and had and exciting morning learning more about the fire through an interactive workshop. We were sent back in time to 2nd September 1666 and met the character Thomas Farynor. We are also met Samuel Pepsy, who wrote a diary during the Great Fire of London, and explored all the reasons why the event happened and why it lasted for so long.

Also, we pretended that we were workers in Thomas Farynor’s bakery on Pudding Lane. We discussed how to be safe and hygienic when cooking and baking food. Then we learned how to make our own bread rolls! We think they tasted delicious!

On Monday 2MV enjoyed a fun multi skills workshop at the Taylor Damilola Centre. We played many different games which tested our fitness, our balance, our coordination and our teamwork.

We had a fantastic time and have learned some fun new games to try in PE at school. Thank you very much to the parent helpers who supported us on the trip.

Next term, we are looking forward to learning all about Pirates!


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