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Year 1 – Newsletter – Autumn 1


Year 1 – Homework – Autumn 1

Our topic this term has been ‘Who Am I?’ and we have learnt about the different ways we can find out about the past, such as looking at books and photographs, watching films and speaking to someone who is older than you.

We all brought in a series of photographs of ourselves from birth right up until the present. We then made our own personal timelines putting the pictures in chronological order, and discussed the things that have changed in our lifetimes.

We have compared the household objects, toys, school-life and games of today with those from the 1950’s. We even played hopscotch like children would have played in the playground many years ago!

This term in maths we have been learning the number bonds to ten and we’ve gained confidence in writing the number sentences for each number bond that we’ve found!

We have also been learning about 2-digit numbers and how they can be partitioned into tens and ones.

In English, we recently read the story ‘Naughty Bus’. The book provided us with lots of exciting writing opportunities, for example, a diary entry from the point of view of Naughty Bus, a descriptive report helping the police to track down Naughty Bus who had gone on the run, and a certificate awarded to the naughtiest, messiest bus in the world! Most recently, we wrote our own, new version of the story in which the main character is called Nice Bus. We came up with lots of interesting adjectives to describe our character and worked together to decide what good deeds this bus has done.

We made a fact book all about buses!

We built our own bus one afternoon!

One day we came into our classroom to find it was a mess! We decided that the only explanation could be that Naughty Bus had done it!

The theme for our art project at the start of the term was Landscapes. We focused on the work of Austrian artist Hundertwasser and used this as inspiration for our own landscape art. We used a variety of techniques, including printing, collage and painting, to create our pieces and we were really proud when we saw them framed and on display at the art exhibition at the end of term!