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Year 1 – Newsletter – Autumn 1


Year 1 – Homework – Autumn 1


Autumn 1

Welcome To 1CT!

We have had an exciting start to the new school year in Year 1 and it has been so lovely to see so many smiling faces happy to come into school. We have spent the last few weeks catching up with each other and finding out about our new routine in Year One.   We have played lots of games and explored our new learning environment. Would you like to see what our classroom looks like?

Here are some photos!


As you will see from the photos above our classroom looks similar to our old reception classroom that’s because we are still continuing to learn through exploration and play as this helps us to develop our higher order thinking and gives us the opportunity to challenge ourselves.


A peek into our first week…

Our first week has been super busy! We have been reading the story: The Colour Monster by Anna Llenas, which is a book about feelings. It explores all the different types of feelings we might have and when we might feel this way. It is a very heart warming book about a monster whose feelings are all mixed up and he doesn’t know what to do. A little girl then comes along and helps the colour monster sort out his feelings. Throughout the story the book explores each emotion in turn and then places each of them into a jar.

In class, we had lots of opportunities to share how we currently felt and we also made our very own emotion jars too!

Topic Focus Autumn 1 : History

This term our topic is talking about what life was like when our grandparents were young. So far we have looked at; photos of our teacher from when she was a baby right up until present day and we spoke about how she had changed over time. We created timelines of ourselves using photos and told our friends significant things that had happened in our past such as “When I was in Reception I lost my first tooth”.


Throughout this topic we are going to continue to explore past and present and discuss how things were similar and different to our present day.  We will look at how schools, technology, transport and our local community have changed over time and why that might have happened.


Literacy: Superheroes

Our literacy focus this term is superheroes.

We have loved the books we have done so far…

Supertato in particular has been a big hit! The Evil Pea has been causing chaos in Year one. First of all he froze our peas, then he stole all the vegetables from the school kitchen and captured them and finally we received a letter from Supertato to tell us he had been placed into Morrisons freezer and he needed our help.

We had to create WANTED posters  so that the rest of the school could help us look for him but nobody could find him. Finally we came up with a super plan to make some great traps so that we could find him. Take a look at what we made…

It was such a relief to finally have captured him and march him back to the freezer where he belongs. Just be warned if you ever see a pea on the loose make sure you put him straight back in the freezer where he belongs!

Maths: Place Value

In maths we have begun by looking at numbers and what they are made up of.  This is all part of our ‘Place Value’ unit.  We have been practicing our number recognition and representing numbers in different ways with different objects from around out classroom.  We have used concrete resources to deepen our understanding and ensure we are able to use different counting strategies to find the total amount.  We are also experimenting with using tens frames to represent these numbers and are finding out what happens when these get full.

Science: Our bodies

In Autumn 1 science will be split into two parts.

In the first half of this term we will look at our bodies and our senses. We will learn how to label the basic parts of our human body such as our head, neck, hands etc… and then we will take a look at our five senses and see if we can match each sense to the body part associated with it.

In the second half of this term we will be looking at the weather, our seasons and how these change throughout the year.  This topic will become a huge part of our science this year in year one as we will continue to revisit the seasons and weather as they change and this will be continued throughout the whole year.

Update: This week this part of our science is coming to an end have a look at some of our photos, can you see how much learning we have done?