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Year 1 – Newsletter – Autumn 1

Year 1 Newsletter Spring 1

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Year 1 – Homework – Autumn 1

Year 1 Homework Autumn 2

Year 1 Homework Spring 1

Year 1 Homework Spring 2

Spring Term

This half term our topic is ‘Dinosaurs’! We have been learning about how fossils tell us what dinosaurs existed and what they were like. We have also been finding out about a very important scientist called Mary Anning. She discovered many dinosaur fossils along the Jurassic Coast!



In science, we are learning about Humans and Animals. We recently went on an outing to Kennington Park for an RSPB workshop. We looked at different habitats in our local environment and identified plants and creatures which lived there. We had lots of fun!





In English, we are reading the story Beegu. Beegu is an alien who has found himself on planet Earth and doesn’t quite understand the way we do things! We have made posters, instructing the public on how to look after this friendly alien. We also had a fantastic time recently dressing up for


In Maths, we are now focusing on measure. This includes length and height, as well as capacity. We have been using non-standard and standard units to measure a variety of everyday objects.



Autumn Term

Our topic this term has been ‘Who Am I?’ and we have learnt about the different ways we can find out about the past, such as looking at books and photographs, watching films and speaking to someone who is older than you.

We all brought in a series of photographs of ourselves from birth right up until the present. We then made our own personal timelines putting the pictures in chronological order, and discussed the things that have changed in our lifetimes.

We have compared the household objects, toys, school-life and games of today with those from the 1950’s. We even played hopscotch like children would have played in the playground many years ago!